About Our Team

Your Source for a Financial Broker in Atlanta

The Financial Mall, LLC from its inception in 1993, has dedicated its mission to assisting individual and businesses procure funding for an array of ventures and projects, by providing expert advice and support. Our goal has always been to ensure each client receives efficient and effective funding options from an established financial broker near Atlanta. Transparency and Straight Talk in our motto.

Professional Support

Our team with combined years of experience, provide our clients with a critical advantage need to obtain funding in today’s demanding financial environment.  We accomplish this in both the private and public sector through strategic capital alliances that raised capital ranging from $50,000 to over $2 Billion.

Why Use A Professional Financial Broker?

Finding the right lender can be difficult because of different business financing services and requirements.  A commercial financial broker may be the best source to start in your request.  A professional broker can match you and your project with the appropriate lender or investor; make the contact, handle the paperwork and by working with a broker the transaction can be crafted to meet the needs of lenders or investors.  The broker can negotiate the best terms and conditions due to the relationship that has been established with lender/investor; keep in mind the lender’s relationship with a professional broker is much more in demand than one deal by a lone customer.  Also, a professional broker can get an “unofficial” look at underwriting before submission.  Thereby, addressing any issues which most likely cause the loan to be denied.  And most important the broker and you will know where your deal stands at all time.