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The Process

The Financial Mall is a single platform of the most diverse group of lenders and investors, providing clients with a wide variety of lending products.

Collateral is typically asset that may used for debt structuring; minimun maximum loans may vary by product or program's guidelines. Typical and average loans usually start at $500,000 with no maximum due to correspondent and placement possibilties.

There are multiple venues for financing, we narrow the scope as to need of the business and seek the best source that will achieve the desired results, we use serveral facilities including investment banking, private equity, export/import banks and commercial banks.  Traditional banks are becoming less of a source for financing, the "shadow banking" system is accounting for more financing transactions.  We will analyze your project and may offer a more feasibility loan scenario.  We have a tremendous working relationship with such Agencies as USDA, HUD and SBA lenders that allows us to offer good rates and terms.  Upon your request, we will perform a in-house due diligent, we will then issue you a "Letter of Interest".  Documents and pertient papers will be gathered and subject to the designated lender/investor a "Committment Letter" will be obtained. Upon completion of funding conditions, a closing will be schuduled.

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